Hi there!

This is my blog :)

For starters, I'm transferring some of my posts from other social platforms at the moment. Mostly from my tumblr page.

I'll change this pinned post later once that's more complete. In the meantime, please help yourself with reading my old rants, especially my #adventiredOfG1ant series (that I never completed).

About me

My name is Kalle. A young'ish back-end developer from the eastern archipelago of Sweden. Began programming at around 14-15 years of age with Löve2D, ComputerCraft, and Unity3D. Since then I've expanded fully into the .NET eco system and I am currently (as of time of writing, 2021-01-10) getting my feet wet in the FOSS and Linux environments. My knowledge as of now spans from dev to ops, with my weakness over at front-end.

Free (as in freedom) software has grown on me so much lately. It's a true honor to work in this lovely environment, and I focus my free time on enhancing the open software community to my greatest extent.

Current projects

Year 2021 will be my year of catching up and will focus the most on side projects such as

And lower, but still relevant, on my priority list comes projects such as

What's this blog about

Mostly personal stuff I come across. Either knowledge I want to share (in form of guides) or experiences I want to share (usually in form of rants).

Expect content related to the following areas:

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Or if you're just looking around, you can probably find me under one of the following names:

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Have a great day :)