I changed my surname


Yours truly, formerly known as Kalle Jillheden, shall now be referred to as Kalle Fagerberg.

No, I've not gotten married, so hold back your applause. I still accept champagne though, but not because of the name change.

Why the name change

The motives are of personal nature, but here's the tiny little short version:

Origin of “Jillheden” comes from my fathers family tree, while “Fagerberg” comes from my mothers family tree.

While “Jillheden” is unique and nice when registering at websites (username kalle.jillheden is ALWAYS available), one of the other motives is that I don't want the implied spotlight. I don't want to make a name of myself.

I'll keep using jilleJr here and there for a while, though I'm gonna fade that one out as well as it's based on the “Jillheden” name.