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Tremendous amount of time have been spent solely for expression parsing, ‘cause I want that stupid shitpile to work in a proper way.

I’ve just now successfully rewritten the compiling part to in a cleaner way parse expressions and statements, and dahym it’s working like a charm.

With the new system I can much easier handle expressions; look at their content and for example, remove unneeded parentheses, extract statements that needs to compile ahead of time, and other fun stuff.


#devlog #g1ant #adventiredOfG1ant #programming #csharp

So in the spirit of not-enough-chores-at-work I’ve today found a sickly bad workaround for how to handle try-catch statements.

My solution is (like the code of your website) solved by a clump of workarounds to achieve a pretty simple goal. Howevery, because of my humbleness, I find my solution to be quite best and 300IQ’d.

The G1ANT.Robot lang has some sort of error handling built in, which is nice; but only for commands. What you can do is to append the arguments errorresult and errorjump to any command, and they’ll catch ‘em all. Like take a peakis at this dungus script example:

try-catch of a function call


#devlog #g1ant #adventiredOfG1ant #programming #csharp

This is a follow-up on my rant

Ever been so tired of the syntax of a programming language that you just couldn’t stand it? But in the meantime being forced to use it because of your workplace? So you develop a new language to compensate so you don’t have to handle the absolute shitstorm headaches from using the language?

I know I am. (Because I have a lot of free time at the moment)

Welcome to the devlog of Robot++. A compiler written in C# that translates the syntax of my made up language Robot++ into executable G1ANT.Robot code.

On todays report of my mission in “trying to embarrass the G1ANT developers by making a compiler as a statement of how bad they are at making a language” is some progress pics!


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// hey we need to have some interface for this tool we’ve created

\ oh ok, talking nice graphical interface or programming lang?

// programming language

\ alright, well let’s just embed a lua compi-…

// nOnonoNOnO! let’s be cool about it; we make our own language!

\ hah ok i’m game, let’s just tell the boss it COULDN’T be done ANY other way! :D where do we start? got a syntax in mind?

// ok hear me out, i’ve been thinking about this for awhile, it’s gonna be epic