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Yours truly, formerly known as Kalle Jillheden, shall now be referred to as Kalle Fagerberg.

No, I've not gotten married, so hold back your applause. I still accept champagne though, but not because of the name change.


#life #behappy

One of those “you better appreciate it until it's gone” kind of a deal here. I two weeks ago cut open my right hand knuckle down to the bone and had to sew it. During this healing period I've been single handed, and it sucks. Unless you're already single handed, consider the luxury you have right now of not lacking a hand.


#rant #life

It's an interesting concept. The more I hide it, the less restrictions I have on when writing for it. Even when I think I don't have any restrictions.

I'd like to just post from my heart, but when all you (me) who's reading this could be anyme, then is there a chance I will get hurt?


This is my blog :)

For starters, I'm transferring some of my posts from other social platforms at the moment. Mostly from my tumblr page.

I'll change this pinned post later once that's more complete. In the meantime, please help yourself with reading my old rants, especially my “adventired of g1ant” series (that I never completed).