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This was done on a Xubuntu machine. Not in WSL. May or may not work in WSL. Please message me on if you get it to work on WSL.

I'm just documenting how I got it to work, with the various sources in each section in case something gets outdated.


#guide #writefreely #linux

Please dedicate 1-2h of your time for this guide. (Given you follow it from top to bottom.)

WriteFreely, the software that's hosting this blog, is a marvelous peice of software.

My personal quick list of best features:

  • Write in Markdown (even has support for MathJax, though I do not use it)
  • Simple auth
  • Supports both single user blog, and multi user blog.
  • Suuuper clean frontend design.
  • Open Source, written in Go, so I'm already feeling inclined in submitting some PRs.
  • Low memory & CPU footprint (Currently using 175 MiB RAM and 0% CPU while idle.)
  • Simple setup (for the most part, as we'll discuss in this post)
  • Support for ActivityPub (Fediverse)

The last bullet there about ActivityPub; you better lookup what it is if you're not aware. Google/DuckDuckGo/Yacy/search for it to get a grasp what it is. Spoiler: It's very cool. Let's dig into how to setup an instance of your own!

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