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YouTube has some annoying features. Some of which I am thankful for because they annoy me so much that I leave the platform and go do something else as I don't want to waste too much time on there anyway. But is there some kinks with its software that you as an UX designer or software developer could take use of?

First off, let me just rant a little about what I dislike, in descending order of how much I hate them.


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It's an interesting concept. The more I hide it, the less restrictions I have on when writing for it. Even when I think I don't have any restrictions.

I'd like to just post from my heart, but when all you (me) who's reading this could be anyme, then is there a chance I will get hurt?


This is my blog :)

For starters, I'm transferring some of my posts from other social platforms at the moment. Mostly from my tumblr page.

I'll change this pinned post later once that's more complete. In the meantime, please help yourself with reading my old rants, especially my “adventired of g1ant” series (that I never completed).


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When searching for internship via school I found this small startup with this cute project of building a teaching tool for programming. There were back then 2 programmers: the founder and the co-founder.

Then like 1 week before the internship started, the co-founder had a burnout and had to get off the project, while the company was so low on budget the founder, aka my new b0ss, had to work separate jobs to keep the company alive. (quite metal tbh)

It's funny because I'm a junior developer, 100%. I've been coding as a hobby for around 8 years now but I've never worked in a big company before. (No exception to this workplace either)

First project I get: rewrite the compiler. The Python compiler. “But wait, why not just embed a real compiler from the first case?” -nanananana it's never simple, as you probably know from your own projects.


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Part of the email I received

(from one of many bug report tickets)

>you’re a big friend for us

I find that fucking highly amusing. Holy shit I’m getting more compliments from G1ANT than from my boss that forces me to use this weirdo robot.

Why not apply for G1ANT next time I’m job hunting, I mean I have like already done ×5 more QA work for them than their dedicated QA employee. Hahaha

Vizzyo buttpunks

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Naming methods is legit one of my biggest priorities in getting rhoight. However, when you mix TDD and my usual level of sleep dep, the names stack on with so many words it’s really unmuzzleable.

Like I cry blood when reading this, but I don’t have the energy to come up with a better name:

Unit test with extreamly long name

Oooo yea the main reason I logged into bloglr!; I just got if-else statements working! And I’m fiddling around a little with some minor optimizations for like when the code block is empty and all that jazz.

I love this codebase. Most fun I’ve had with a single project ever. I have had no planning done aT ALL but I’ve lapped a distance. I’m jolly.

Lizzlio, spudvucks!

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// hey we need to have some interface for this tool we’ve created

\ oh ok, talking nice graphical interface or programming lang?

// programming language

\ alright, well let’s just embed a lua compi-…

// nOnonoNOnO! let’s be cool about it; we make our own language!

\ hah ok i’m game, let’s just tell the boss it COULDN’T be done ANY other way! :D where do we start? got a syntax in mind?

// ok hear me out, i’ve been thinking about this for awhile, it’s gonna be epic