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Naming methods is legit one of my biggest priorities in getting rhoight. However, when you mix TDD and my usual level of sleep dep, the names stack on with so many words it’s really unmuzzleable.

Like I cry blood when reading this, but I don’t have the energy to come up with a better name:

Unit test with extreamly long name

Oooo yea the main reason I logged into bloglr!; I just got if-else statements working! And I’m fiddling around a little with some minor optimizations for like when the code block is empty and all that jazz.

I love this codebase. Most fun I’ve had with a single project ever. I have had no planning done aT ALL but I’ve lapped a distance. I’m jolly.

Lizzlio, spudvucks!

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#devlog #g1ant #adventiredOfG1ant #programming #csharp #tdd #codedesign

I’m quite burnt out atm, have had 12 consecutive 8 hour work days, so my mind is kinda fried. Help a soul out would I?

In my adventure of doing this in the spiritanimalkingdom of test-driven development, anymes got a neat solution in their cranium capsule of how I could make this code more readable?

Bloated unit tests